Is it technically possible to make the digital world age appropriate? - Shared screen with speaker view
Technical Moderator - Kanwar HERR
Welcome everyone to this WSIS Forum session on Is it technically possible to make the digital world age appropriate?We invite you to use the Q&A and Chat features to post questions for the panelists.Please note that this session is also live on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/WSISprocess/videos/5514331068577483/
Karen McCabe, IEEE
IEEE Case Studies are at: https://standards.ieee.org/initiatives/artificial-intelligence-systems/childrens-data-governance/
Darian Edelman
In line with the inspirational comments done by the panellists here, for those who may wish to learn more about ITU’s work in ICTs, we invite you to visit our website “ICT/Digital Accessibility” https://www.itu.int/en/ITU-D/Digital-Inclusion/Pages/ICT-digital-accessibility/default.aspx as well as our resources (all free of charge, in multiple languages and available in digitally accessible formats – so they can be also used by persons with disabilities such as blind or deaf) https://www.itu.int/en/ITU-D/Digital-Inclusion/Persons-with-Disabilities/Pages/ResourcesOnICTAccessibility.aspx.We also want to share our website dedicated to ITU Global Programme on Children Online Protection (COP) & Online Safety, where you can find resources an guidelines targeting children, parents, educators and other stakeholders https://www.itu-cop-guidelines.com/
Julie Dawson, Yoti, UK
over 90 methods approved in Germany https://www.kjm-online.de/aufsicht/technischer-jugendmedienschutz/unzulaessige-angebote/altersverifikationssysteme
Julie Dawson, Yoti, UK
https://euconsent.eu/ for interoperabilty
Moira Patterson, IEEE Standards Association
Thank you for attending today. You can find information here, and both the first case study report, and by the end of this month the upcoming second report as well. https://engagestandards.ieee.org/Childrens-tech-design-governance.html
Peter Joziasse
Thank you all for this session!!
Julie Dawson, Yoti, UK
Thank you all; do let us know if any questions julie.dawson@yoti.com
Ntombi Makwetu
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