TW: Joint forces in the new device financing program to make 4G even more affordable for emerging markets - Shared screen with speaker view
Karin Valverde, WSIS Team
Dear participants,Welcome and thank you for joining us today.The session is recorded and will be available on the event page of the WSIS website soon after the end of the session - https://www.itu.int/net4/wsis/forum/2021/Should you have a question or a comment, you are kindly invited to post it in the Q&A/Chat or to request the floor by using the raise hand function.
Eletta, KaiOS Technologies
A question for Asif. Let me know if you want to address it live at end of the panel? If so I will publish this question and it’ll be shown to all. You can also choose answer him by typing it out.
Eletta, KaiOS Technologies
My Question is for Asif Aziz,you have done a great job in acquiring nearly 70 million customers,what are you doing to retain and keep them happy and engaged and what your goals for the 5 yearsArshid (Saudi Arabia )
Mr. Asif Aziz, Jazz
Happy to answer the question.
Eletta, KaiOS Technologies
Thanks. I’ll make it live.
Eletta, KaiOS Technologies
Anyone would like the question in Q&A? It’s a new app running on KaiOS right now.
Would be nice to have Kaisos to demonstrate this locking software setup
Usman Ahmed
phones need to be subsidized