ITU AI/ML in 5G Challenge Webinar: Radio Link Failure Prediction - Shared screen with speaker view
Thomas Basikolo - ITU
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Vishnu Ram
TO PANELISTS ONLY : Salih, could you please take this question - Pity, in your references I see many external references, but none of the references to ITU-R P-series recommendations or reports. Have you used any of them? In ITU-R SG 3 we have an extensive database of measurements that was/is used to develope radiowave propagation prediction methods, inlcuding all of those phenomena you are mentioning. Have you also considered may to contribute your measurements to ITU-R SG3?
umesh piparava
is this data set from lte du ?
M N Suma
Thank you
Danielle Alice Desanges Aucéane THIAM MÉKÀ de GOGUENHEIM
Thanks to you all, gentlemen