Opening of the ICTs for Well-being and Happiness special track - Shared screen with speaker view
Aarti Holla-Maini
What does His Excellency think about digital targets & ambitions such as 5G and 6G?
Anastasiya - Technical Moderator
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Vladimir Stankovic, ITU
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Vladimir Stankovic, ITU
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Rita Wehbe
Nigel Hickson (DCMS)
Minister (UK) had to leave for another session, she asked me to apologise for her. Will stay on in case any questions for UK
Pallavi Pallavi
Hi, question to adopt any new platform or app, other than need and ability one prime factor would be to have trust on that. How tht trust building targetted.
Dr salma abbasi
It is also important to leverage intergenerational models into this work.
Alfredo Ronchi
thank you very much, let's improve happyness thanks to the contribution of ICTs
Nigel Hickson (DCMS)
Was a great session, many thanks
Tala Debs, ITU
Thank you all for joining us today!
Pallavi Pallavi
thank you
Anastasiya - Technical Moderator
Thank you all for your participation!