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SESSION 2: Vehicle cybersecurity framework is ready: It’s time for deployment
In June 2020, WP.29 approved two new regulations, one for vehicle cybersecurity (Regulation 155) and another for vehicle software updates (Regulation 156). These regulations provide a framework for the automotive sector to put in place the necessary processes to design and deliver cyber secure, connected vehicles with software and firmware that can be updated remotely. The questions this session will address are: − What do these regulations mean in concrete terms for vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers? − Are the regulations enough to ensure that vehicles are fully protected as highly automated driving products are added with ever-increasing operational design domains (ODDs)? − What steps need to be taken to adopt these regulations in all regions? Subject experts from all the world’s regions, including members of the WP.29 committees that developed the regulations, will seek to answer these questions and discuss the next steps to deployment.


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